Ragged Mountain 

Ragged Mountain Rum

Product of:  USA
Age:  Blend of rums, most 3 aged for years, and some 2 years.
Price: $28
Alcohol: 40% ABV
Context: Premium Aged Rum
RG Rating: 7.5

Tasting Notes 
Very Smooth. Ragged Mountain Rum exhibits the pretty golden straw color of a young spirit after aging for a period of time in oak barrels. The big aromas declare its pot still genesis and relatively brief 2-3 years of maturing in used Woodford Reserve bourbon oak barrels.  Scents of tobacco, wet leather, and a few hints of tails and congeners add a measure of depth and complexity, with a very mild vanilla and butterscotch sweetness.  The initial taste is far more pleasant and smooth than the aromas lead you to expect, with a nice, slightly oily sweetness.  A medium-weight, thin body is almost oily and spreads quickly before the off-dry finish concentrates in the mouth.  The slight sweetness lingers on the tip of your tongue while the flavors reside in your mouth, whereas little of the pleasant finish ends in your throat.  A few drops of water really opened the rum up, adding complexity and a welcome smokey essence, suggesting Ragged Mountain Rum is best sipped on the rocks.

As rum has become the new growth market spirit, several American distillers are producing good quality stuff, but haven’t had enough years behind them to age their rum to a rich maturity.  They have little choice other than producing unaged white rums or spiced/flavored rums.  However, Berkshire Mountain Distillery has been producing nice rum for a few years and aging it in Woodford Reserve bourbon barrels to achieve rum with uniquely American aromas and flavor.  Perhaps Ragged Mountain is pioneering a new regional microstyle of rum that we should call “American.”  

Ragged Mountain is an honest, unique American spirit – a real bourbon drinker’s rum.  Fans of Kentucky whiskey would be attracted by Ragged Mountain Rum’s heavy nose and familiar flavors that transition quickly to a sugar cane spirit.  

 Reviewed: May 2011 at the Rum Gallery, USA.

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