Rhum Bielle Blanc (Pâle) 59° & 50°

Rhum Bielle 50° Blanc-RG1-USE

Product of:  Marie-Galante, Guadeloupe, FWI  
Aged:  NA
Price: €9.26/$12.62 on Guadeloupe
Alcohol: 59% & 50% ABV 
Context: Rhum Blanc Agricole
RG Rating:  9

Tasting Notes 
Very Smooth.  In the clear glass 1L bottle, Rhum Bielle (pale) shows a light yellow-green color like that of sugarcane juice as it runs from a crusher. The color gives the illusion of being more viscous than clear white rums.  The sugarcane theme continues as you open the bottle to release an ethereal bouquet of pure sweet cane juice, without the grassiness.  With 30ml in a tasting glass, the color is much less pronounced.   Legs form at moderate rate, but what is amazing is the sheer concentration of them.  Legs run at a uniform slow rate, occupying every last space of the interior diameter of the tasting glass - an impressive display.

Aromas of buttery criossant is foremost, with considerable alcohol in the nose (the rhum is bottled at 59% and  50% ABV after all) , becoming mildly fruity with banana and mango, then again the fresh sugarcane fiber scents, some lemongrass, trace of coconut and finally lentil.  

Bielle Video Link-RG1Rhum Bielle 59° poster on Marie-Galante

In a word, the rhum tastes like sugarcane.  Sipping rewards with a pleasantly medium-heavyweight body - rather unique for a pale rhum -  the color left a good clue.  Flavors mirror the aromas, no surprises, just sugarcane rhum goodness.  The finish ends slightly sweet and lingers for considerable time, soothing the throat.  This rhum begs to be used in a ‘Ti Punch.  

Anecdotes The Bielle Distillery is located on Marie-Galante, less than 20 kilometers from Guadeloupe’s Southeastern.   Their sugarcane is harvested by hand, then chopped, crushed and fermented in open top tanks.  Both column and pot stills with short columns produce spirit at la Distillerie Bielle.  The column stills are made of stainless steel in the lower stripper sections and copper in the upper, rectifying sections.  Their  alembic pot stills are copper, and the lower part of the pot is contained within a stainless steel sheath.  The agricole blanc rhums are produced only in the column stills to 59% ABV, and some is diluted to 50%. The premium rhum blanc is distilled twice, for first time in the column, then the second time in the alembic still, bottled at 56%.  Click on the photo above to see a couple of videos from the Rhum Bielle distillery

Rhum Bielle's Pâle was my go-to rhum for making ‘Ti Punch sundowners while sailing among the islands of Guadeloupe.  The rhum faithfully delivered all the flavor I craved, regardless of how the drink was made; neat with two-three lime eighths, granulated brown sugar and no ice a la Guadeloupe; or with only a lime rind coin with minimal juice and a few drops of cane sirop per the classic Martinique recipe.  As they say "chacun prépare sa propre mort" (each prepares his own death).  

Bielle's pâle colored agricole is the closest rhum to pure fresh crushed sugarcane juice that I have ever come across.

Lots of Rhum Bielle at Guadeloupe Airport Duty Free Shop

Bielle’s pale blanc Rhum’s flavors are so delightfully balanced that it sips as nicely neat as most well made ‘Ti Punch’s.  Rum Gallery is glad to have introduced this rhum to USA tasting room.  I’ll buy more next time I’m in Guadeloupe, and you should too.  the bigproblem will be getting one of the 3L or 5L boxes of Rhum Bielle home Guadeloupe airport's duty free shop.

Reviewed: May 2014 while sailing among the islands of Marie-Galante and Guadeloupe, and again in June 2014 at The Rum Gallery, USA.

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