Rhum Bielle Premium Blanc

Rhum Bielle Blanc Premium 59%-RG2b

Product of:  Marie-Galante, Guadeloupe, FWI  
Aged:  NA
Price: €8.99 per 50cl at Rhum Bielle’s boutique on Marie-Galante
Alcohol: 59% ABV 
Sugar: 0-5 g/L (estimate)
Context: Rhum Vieux Agricole
RG Rating:  10

Tasting Notes
Swirling the crystal clear rhum begets dozens of tiny densely packed beads and a few thin legs, fewer still make it back to the rhum below, while the other drops remain clinging to the inside of the tasting glass.  Not much action for the eyes, but the procedure does bring out the aromas, not that they need coaxing.
Nor do they lie.  The rhum smells like fermenting sugarcane; grassy, earthy, followed by pronounced fresh sweet buttery croissant, then milder vanilla and nutmeg with a hint of lemon citrus zest and mango.
If the aromas don’t alert your senses to achieving perfection, then one sip certainly will.  Both initially sweet on the tongue and slightly astringent (mind that 59% ABV typical of Guadeloupe’s rhums), Rhum Bielle Premium simultaneously presents a creamy body, palate-filling and heavier than a white agricole has a right to (or did so until this rhum broke the old scale).  The finish is semi-sweet, with a tantalizing bit of licorice.  Encore!.

Rhum Bielle's Alembic Still

Rhum Bielle’s Prmium Blanc is distilled twice, once in a short column still, then in a alembic (pot) still.  To quote Rhum Bielle: “This single process guarantees an alloy of very great quality.”  I won’t argue.  The Bielle distillery consistently produces exceptional small batch rhums from their quaint facility, welcoming anyone.  I’ve visited the distillery several times, bellied up to their self-service tasting bar, made wise choices and came away duly impressed and with bags of rhum, wishing I could carry more.

Nice videos of the Rhum Bielle distillery can be accessed here:  Une rhumerie à Bielle? | BIELLE en vallée d'Ossau

Rhum Bielle’s Premium is one ballsy rhum blanc agricole.  It is manifests the primary reason I appreciate Guadeloupe’s rhum making: traditional, using fresh-crushed and fermented sugarcane, but not hobbled by Martinique’s AOC distillation specifications, thereby freeing the master distiller to choose the boiling tools they deem appropriate for each specific rhum.  Guadeloupe rhums in general and Distillerie Bielle in particular, deserve your attention, respect and money.  Their rhums are under appreciated and under priced.  

Rhum Bielle Blanc Premium 59% Ti Punch-RG2-USE

‘Ti Punch Challenge
The staple drink of FWI daily life rewards customization, and locals almost demand personalize.  A al Chacun proper sa mort [?].  Thus, declaring the perfect rhum blanc for a ‘Ti Punch is a fool’s errand.  So here goes:  For me, this is The One.

Reviewed: November 2016 while sailing among the islands of Marie-Galante and Guadeloupe, and again in Febraury 2017 at The Rum Gallery, USA.

© Dave Russell 2017