Rhum Bologne Black Cane

Rhum Bologne Black Cane Blk-RG1

Product of:   Basse-Terre, Guadeloupe, FWI  
Age:  NA
Price: €28 in FWI
Alcohol: 50% ABV 
Sugar:  0-5g/L
Context: Rhum Blanc Agricole
RG Rating:  10

Tasting Notes
Rhum Bologne Black Cane is shiny, clear, almost luminescent, as if returning more light from within the glass than shines outside.  Swirling produces a crown full of rhum beads that try to form into long  legs, but most of them evaporate before they reach the halfway point to the glass.

This Black Cane’s aromas are intoxicating.  Beautiful scents of fresh-cut sugarcane rhum on a clean alcohol base are most pronounced, then mildly oily and grassy notes not unlike extra virgin olive oil appear, with a slight vanilla coconut meat and shell scent, and finally I smell sweet buttery croissant.  The initial Taste is perfectly manifests the aromas.  You get the sensation of sipping rhum directly off the still.  A medium-lightweight body sips buttery smooth through to the moderate length, dry finish, which is surprisingly kind on the palate and throat, with no burn.

Rhum Bologne Black Cane is a low-yield, single varietal rhum blanc.  Such a  shame it’s difficult to farm,  because it’s intense aromatic character makes it an ideal sugarcane for rhum agricole. The crushed sugarcane juice is fermented for 36 to 48 hours to produce  a sugar cane wine with an alcohol content of 4 to 5%.  This vinasse is column distilled to 65%-70%
ABV.  Black Cane rhum agricole blanc is rested in stainless steel tanks for one year before bottling, as compared to 3-6 months for the distillery’s other rhum blancs (and most Martinique AOC rhum auricle blancs.)  

Rhum Bologne Black Cane Ti Punch-RG4

Rhum Bologne Black Cane is one of the finest smelling rhums agricole blanc ever sniffed at the Rum Gallery [repeat from aromas].  Almost too fine to confuse its beauty with lime and sugar in a ‘Ti Punch (sans glace, naturellement).  Done properly simply using a coin of lime rind with just enough sugar to balance, and Voila!  The ‘Ti Punch with Bologne Black Cane is simple, exquisite.  Life is about discovering ever better ‘Ti Punches, no?  No worries.   Pray your rhum discovery journey never ends,; but you can remain here for good long while, fully satisfied in the agricole oasis that is Rhum Bologne Black Cane.

Reviewed: November 2015 on Sint Maarten at the Caribbean Rum and Beer Festival, and later in January 2016 with bottle No. 07083 at the Rum Gallery, USA.

© Dave Russell 2017