Rhum Bologne Chevailer de St-Georges

Bologne Chevailer de St Georges-RG4-USE

Product of:   Guadeloupe, FWI  
Age:  blend of rhums aged several years in French oak
Price: €29.95 (~$31) on French St. Martin
Alcohol: 42% ABV 
Sugar:  0-5g/L
Context: Rhum Vieux Agricole
RG Rating:  8.5

Tasting Notes
Very Smooth.  Chevalier de St-Georges shows a dark gold color with a greenish-brown base tone from aging in wood.  In appearance, ample legs drip at a moderate pace, then are followed by a second round, leaving an finely scented ring of doplets on the sides of your tasting glass, helping to volatilize the aromas.  Soft vanilla, phenol and cardamom entice while bright cinnamon and a hint of star anise enlivens your nose, built on a foundation of sugarcane grass and deeply wooded notes.  Initial tasting reveals full bodied rhum with a creamy texture.  It’s a rich experience, the harmonious blend of rhums offer delicious oaken vanilla, caramel, light milk chocolate, and more anise flavors.  A suitably long sweet caramel finish ends slightly dry with a nice woody taste.

Chevalier de St-Georges Bust

In homage to Joseph Bologne, better known as Chevalier de Saint-Georges, the outstanding violnist, composer and champion fencer who was referred to as the Black Mozart, the Bologne distillery honors this remarkable man, born December 25 1745 on Guadeloupe to plantation owner
George Bologne de Saint-Georges and his beloved African slave, Nanon.  A likeness of Chevalier is tastefully displayed on the bottle’s label, rendered as if part of a wax seal.

Bologne Chevalier de St.-Georges w:Backdrop

In their own words, the Bologne distillery sought to create “a Rhum whose nobility would be consistent with this prestigious 18th century music artist.”  Bologne says this rhum was “developed by assembling the best distillations, then aging in French oak casks, this great rhum seduces the eye with its amber color before delighting the palate with subtle flavors associated with the French Antillies and the delicacy of the wood. The character of the Chevalier de Saint-Georges forged the soul of this precious Rhum.” 

It is fair to evaluate a rum based on how well the distiller achieved their goal.  In this case, they have succeeded in crafting a polite, dignified yet humble expression of the master blender’s skill that anyone of taste will admire, and can drink in honor of an artist who deserves so much recognition.

Reviewed: May 2014 while sailing around Guadeloupe, and again in September 2014 at the Rum Gallery, USA.

© Dave Russell 2017