R.L. Seale's (formerly Olde Brigand 10 Year Old)

RL Seale's 10 Year Old-Bottle Poster

Product of:  Barbados
Age:   10 years
Price: $30
Alcohol: 43% ABV 
Sugar:  0 g/L
Context: Premium Aged Rum
RG Rating: 8.5

Tasting Notes
Very Smooth.  The medium-amber rum, colored by 10 years aging in oak, reveals a wonderfully sophisticated bouquet, with sweet-but-earthy aromas of fresh cut cane, buttered sweet potato, dried plum and raisin, clove, cinnamon.  Initial Taste is fully complex, though lighter than the aromas would lead you to expect.  Olde Brigand is medium-full bodied, with a seriously traditional rum character and pronounced but pleasant alcohol.  The finish is long and interesting for its variety: first sweet, then earthy, then ending more dry with a hint of anise.

RL Seale's Poster @ Foursquare

Anecdotal Notes
Fourth generation owner Richard Seale, the only son of the only son of the only son of the distillery’s founder, explains the transition from Olde Brigand 10 year Old to R L Seales rum in the same bottle:  "Old Brigand Black Label 10 Year Old in standard packing existed until about 1993. We then split this into two; Old Brigand Black Label (a blend) and Olde Brigand 10 Year (in the new bottle) about 94/95. Around 1997, we decided to export the latter as R L Seale 10. The two existed for a few years, Olde Brigand 10 on the local market and R L Seale 10 on the export market before dropping the local configuration. Now Old Brigand Black label still exists locally and R L Seale 10 is export and local." Both are great rums in a unique showpiece bottle that features a bent neck and hand hold dimple, styled after the leather flasks common among sailors hundreds of years ago.  

Olde Brigande - old bottle

Regardless of the name, I am thoroughly impressed with the care and dedication that goes into R L Seale 10 Year Old rum.  Mr. Seale puts his heart and soul into every bottle.  As you approach the impeccably clean and groomed Foursquare facility, a large sign boasts:  “We Do It Right”.  I absolutely agree.  

Reviewed:  During a brief stay on Antigua in 2008, I dropped into Papa Zouk's, my favorite fish and rum shop on the island.  Proprietor Bert wasted no time plying me with a delicious dinner of the house special fish, then completely spoiled me with the finest rum from his impressive collection of over 200 bottles.  After sampling every noteworthy rum that I didn’t already own, I challenged Bert to serve me something unique.  He pulled Olde Brigand off the shelf, humbly saying “you might like it”.  Like it?  Heck yeah - its rare, well aged, full bodied, comes in a distinctive bottle, and has tons of traditional Bajan flavor. 

Reviewed again as R L Seale's 10 Year Old in November 2010 on Barbados.

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