Ron de Jeremy Spiced Rum

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Product of:  distilled and aged in Panama
Age:  blend of rums aged 3 and 5 years
Price: $16
Alcohol: 47% ABV
Context: Flavored/Spiced Rum
RG Rating: 8

Tasting Notes 
Extremely Smooth.  Ron de Jeremy shows the the dark reddish brown color of cinnamon bark.  Legs proliferate and drip at a medium pace, giving a clue to some time aging in oak and/or the presence of sugar in the rum.  Aromas of vanilla, butter-rich flour pastry and baking spices are forward yet pleasantly soft
a proven concoction, admittedly designed for mixing with cola.  The initial taste is predominantly vanilla and caramel, almost syrupy in sweetness, with enough mild spice to work equally well with cola or as a topper to coconut drinks.  A more interesting drink is over ice with an orange twist, like an introductory Rum Old fashioned.  A heavyweight body has a substantial, highly viscous feel, yet the finish is brief and shallow, carrying limited flavors.  But the rum ends pleasantly enough.

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The One Eyed Spirits conspiracy behind Ron de Jeremy Spiced rum brand are an unusually clever bunch.  I understand they already had a recipe and flavor profile in mind before looking for a rum supplier.  For the rum they wisely turned to one of the World’s most prolific Maestros Roneros Francisco “Don Pancho” Fernadndez, who tuned the formula with his blend of fine three- to five-year-old aged rums.  Spice flavor comes from Madagascar vanilla delivered fresh by courier, reducing shipping time.  The vanilla is macerated for about four hours in the rum, and is changed very frequently to prevent the bitter flavor of the stems.  

Ron Jeremy the man-USE

The brand name is even more creative.  As the story goes, the producers of the Ron de Jeremy brand had an idea to lever the name of a to-be-decided famous person named Ron onto the label as a way of getting instant recognition.  (Ron is Spanish for Rum, after all.)  I’ve heard that President Ronald Reagan and filmmaker Ron Howard were considered, but didn’t pan out.  Go figure.  But Ron Jeremy wasn’t busy, and he took the bait.  Besides, Mr. Jeremy was getting a bit long in the tooth for his chosen profession, and his current public image transfers well into the “aged” rum category.   Plenty of tongue-in-cheek marketing accompanied the brand’s launch, which was picked up by just about every print and online newsie with any interest in spirits or celebrities or even, Rum!  The entire concept garnered far more favorable press than is typically heaped upon a new aged rum. 

Ron de Jeremy Spiced rum calls itself ‘the original adult spiced rum".  Me thinks there’s more to the slogan than the porn star’s legend.  It also challenges the Captain-and-Cola kids to grow up and try better rums.  Pirate or Porn; scoundrels seem to come with the territory.  Perhaps they appeal to the wannabe in all of us.

Mass market spiced rums are rather one-dimensional.  Most of them are distilled to nearly pure ethanol with little residual rum character, then aged for a year - just long enough to qualify as rum.  Heavily dosed with vanilla, cinnamon, clove and sugar their flavor “profile” is designed for entry drinkers.  They are heavy on flavorings and additives, and even heavier on exaggerated legendary persona.  Most are ultimately destined for burial in cola and ice, and drank until drunk.  

Ron de Jeremy spiced rum is different – and far better – from those bearing the names of celebrity captain’s, pirates and mythical sea creatures.  Ron de Jeremy Spiced, despite it’s double-entendre marketing, is a darn good rum. 

The Rum Gallery takes its rum and reviews seriously.  Trust me; there’s nothing crude about Ron de Jeremy the rum.  It’s aged Panamanian pedigree is genuine.  While the name Ron de Jeremy may sound like a snickering gimmick (it is), the rum itself is the real deal and it’s certainly worth your money.  

Reviewed:  November, 2012 at The Rum Gallery, USA.

© Dave Russell 2017