Ron de Jeremy

Ron de Jeremy-Bottle-OK

Product of:  Panama
Age:  7 year aged blend
Price: $30
Alcohol: 40% ABV
Context: Premium AgedRum
RG Rating: 8.5

Tasting Notes 
Very Smooth.  Ron de Jeremy (“the adult rum”) shows the bright, luminescent amber color befitting a mature oak-aged rum, with long thick legs that both form and fade quickly in your glass.  Sniffing reveals the aromas that are the unmistakable signature of Maestro Ronero Don Pancho Fernandez, blender of the finest Panamanian rums.  Don Pancho’s rums are typically redolent with caramel, oaken vanilla, butterscotch, paraffin, mild walnuts, dried leather and tobacco, and Ron de Jeremy delivers them all.  The initial taste reveals complex, balanced flavors fully consistent with the aromas, well integrated to transition seamlessly from one to another, and delivering a vanilla/butterscotch candy mid-palate.  With just the right heft to support the flavors, the medium-heavyweight body remains savory through to the smooth and slightly hot finish.

What’s with the name?  Apparently, the producers behind Ron de Jeremy had this lightbulb idea: Lever the name of a to-be-decided famous person named Ron (which is Spanish for Rum) onto the label as a way of getting instant recognition.  Reportedly, President Ronald Reagan and filmmaker Ron Howard were considered, but didn’t pan out.  Go figure.  Ron Jeremy wasn’t busy, and he took the bait.  Heck, if Enrique Iglesias can hawk Atlantico rum, why not use “The Hedgehog” to push a new rum.  Besides, Mr. Jeremy was getting a bit long in the tooth, so his current public image transfers well into the “aged” rum category.   A bunch of kitschy double-entendre marketing accompanied the product’s launch, which was happily picked up by just about every print and online newsie with any interest in spirits or celebrities or, even Rum!  The entire concept garnered far more favorable press than was typical of heaped on a new aged rum.  

And hey, who can blame One Eyed Spirits for playing the porn card when no-one else was clever/crass enough to figure out that angle?   

But make no mistake: Ron de Jeremy the rum has fine flavor and a noble pedigree.  Yes, Ron de Jeremy has pedigree in spades, courtesy of one Francisco “Don Pancho Fernandez” possibly the most prolific Master Blender in service today.  His work is legendary in rum circles, and includes such masterpieces as Panamonte, Zafra and Panama Red, as well as Alma de Bohemio’s rums and many rums within the Abuelo brand.

Taster’s Opinion 
By now all you care to know is: “Does Ron de Jeremy rum deliver?  
Let The Rum Gallery break it down:

Got Pedigree?  Yep.
Got Celebrity?  Check.
Taste good?  Yep, surprisingly so.  
Good Taste?  Well … this is definitely a rum you can’t judge by it’s label.  It’s Ron Jeremy on the outside, but it’s all Don Pancho on the inside.  Take a chance  – Ron de Jeremy is way better than you expect.

Reviewed:  September, 2012 at The Rum Gallery, USA.

© Dave Russell 2017