Ron Duran 12 Year Old

Ron Duran 12-RG2-USE

Product of:  Panama
Age:  12 years
 40% ABV 
Sugar: 15-19 g/L (estimate) 
Context: Premium Aged Rum
RG Rating: 7.5

Tasting Notes
Bouquet: supple caramel and oaken vanilla waft from the bottle the moment the cork T-top is pulled.  Pure Panamanian pleasure awaits.

Color:  The rum’s walnut brown color in the bottle turns a brilliant copper-like hue in the tasting glass.

Appearance:  swirling produces a thick viscous smear lining the inside of the tasting glass, which quickly begets many fast-running legs.  The effect releases more oaken vanilla and milk chocolate aromas.  Next come spice notes (cinnamon, nutmeg), mild havarti cheese, butter and hints of paraffin.

Initial Taste delivers the expected flavors of caramel and light chocolate and some smoky wood on a medium-heavyweight body that languors for a suitable time before ending in a sweet finish. 

Ron Duran 12 Years is yet another fine Panamanian rum from the works of Cuban-ex-patriot and accomplished maestro de Ron, Francisco “Don Pancho” Fernandez.

Ron Duran 12 Back Label-RG1

The Muscle and Magic
Ron Duran 12 makes a statement right from its big ole cannon shell of a bottle, with substantial heft and girth.  The heavy glass base and cork stopper are nice touches.  Multi-titled World Champion Panamanian boxer Roberto Duran, known as “Manos de Piedra” (Hands of Stone) is both the name and tribute for this rum.  He is paid a portion on each bottle sold.  

In the words of Jim Driscoll, head of Ekeko Spirits, the importer of Ron Duran:  “Let's see, Double Gold in April 2016 in San Francisco World Spirits Competition, RumXP Gold and Best of Class in Miami Rum Festival 2016, Gold medal and a score of 95 Exceptional in Chicago … this is truly something special. As I like to say, ‘That many judges just can't be wrong!’”

Ron Duran 12 year old rum is a highly refined and will appeal to rum aficionados and newcomers to the spirit, especially those who prefer the sweet dessert flavors of vanilla and caramel.  Duran the boxer won multiple world titles, while Duran the rum is appropriately winning Gold medal awards at tasting competitions.  Respect.

Reviewed: May 2014 while sailing around Guadeloupe, and again in September 2014 at the Rum Gallery, USA.

© Dave Russell 2017