Ron Mulata Añejo

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Product of:  Cuba
Age:  blend of rums aged 2 to 5 years
 38% ABV
 Premium Aged Rum
Sugar Added: Admitted but unsecified in g/L
RG Rating: 7.5

Tasting Notes
Extremely Smooth (a low ABV and sugar help). 
Pour, and a bouquet of vanilla and brown cane sugar quickly permeates the local atmosphere, pleasantly hovering longer than most.  Ron Mulata Añejo is the color of golden honey in my glass.  Legs are prolific, thin and slow to develop.  

The aromas are thick with fruit, esters and oils, banana, brandy, more vanilla - this is a complex assortment and not typical of Cuban style rums.   It’s less sweet than a digestif, yet the vanilla and fruit would be welcome accompaniment to many desserts.

Notes on Initial Taste:  “ahh, now the rum shows it’s hand, a true ron de Cuba is what we have here; light, aromatic, delicate honey-like flavors.  While the segue from sniffing to tasting is not seamless, the rum’s toffee and hazelnut flavor surprises make thoroughly enjoyable contributions to the its overall sensation.”  The body is medium weight, perhaps lighter than anticipated given the aromas, but you’ll forget any disappointment well before the long vanilla finish disappears.

Ron Mulata Añejo is distilled from sugar cane honey (reduction of sugar cane juice), and aged in American white oak barrels for about 5 years.  Ron Mulata shows exemplary transparency in the data they publish about their rum.  For example, the distillery claims the following Physical and chemical specifications: 

Ron Mulata Label-RG1

• Total Acidity: 20 ± 6g of acetic acid by 100L of absolute alcohol.

 • Ester content: 22 ± 8g of ethyl acetate in 100L of absolute alcohol. 

 • Alcohol content Superiors: 80± 10g of alcohol Superiors by 100L of absolute alcohol. 

 • Methanol: < 10g of methanol by 100L of absolute alcohol.

These values are well within acceptable parameters for a mildly flavored rum.  The numbers suggest a rum with more body and esters, either by less rectification during distillation, and/or by adding things to the rum during the barrel aging stage.  

In a spectrum of polar extremes called “Flavored Rum” and “Aged Rum”, Ron Mulata Añejo lies right in the middle.  The rum blends aged rums and mixes them with other organic ingredients to produce something uniquely flavored.  The producer freely admits – ne, celebrates – the use of sugarcane syrup, grapes, Brandy and aged wine (which contributes sweetness), as well as vanilla (a mellowing spice).  The rum ages in 180 liter American white oak barrels for a minimum of 4 years with rums aged more than two years. Some earthy tannic bitterness from the grapes and wine may balance the other ingredients, and allow the rum to develop more character and rum flavor than than some other Spanish-style añejo rums.  On the other end of the spectrum, Ron Mulata Añejo exhibits far less extraneous flavors than Legendario Elixer de Cuba.

Ron Mulata Añejo is a reflection of Cuban legend and tradition.  The bottle’s label pays specific homage to Ochum, the female Orisha of the Yoruba religion, which syncretizes West African and Spanish Catholic beliefs into Caribbean culture. She evolved from Our Lady of Charity, and is la patrona de Cuba.  According to mythology, her spirit outwardly harmonizes over human sensuality, gentleness and matrimony.  Inwardly, she has a seldom-seen, hot temper.  This diverse pedigree well characterizes anything called Mulata, an apt name for this rum. See more about dear Ochum here: 
Oshun - Wikipedia.

I’ve got the religion.  Take me to Cuba.  If all I do is sit at a streetside café sipping Ron Mulata Añejo, I’ll be satisfied.  Until that day, I’ll go looking for another bottle elsewhere in the Eastern Caribbean.

Reviewed: Spring 2014 while sailing in the Eastern Caribbean.

© Dave Russell 2017