Rum-Bar bottle-USE

Product of:  Jamaica
Age:  NA
Price: $9.30 on Jamaica
Alcohol: 65% ABV
Context: Overproof Rum
RG Rating: 9

Tasting Notes 
Very Smooth.  Worthy Park’s Rum-Bar is immaculately, transparently clear.  Sniffing reveals a pleasing, if not-quite delicate rum, with an initial bouquet of sweet ethanol, followed by aromas of sultry dunder, and mild grassy vegetal scents associated with sugarcane.  Rum-Bar delivers slightly above average ester count, and more powerful scents of fermentation, but it’s but not so overpowering as to limit its use in cocktails.  The flavors offer a greater complexity than expected, uniquely combining an initial sweetness on the tongue, immediately followed by a soft, bitter copper pot still heat on a medium weight body before finish relatively smooth, warm, mildly sweet and grassy before ending dry.

Worthy Park is aggressively targeting market leader Wray & Nephew for a larger share of the local overproof market.  Cornerstones of their strategy are lower price (50¢ or so less than Wray & Nephew Overproof per bottle), more kick (65% ABV vs 63%), and a clean distillation from their highly tuned automated pot still.  Director and Distillery Manager (and heir) Gordon Clarke is on to something, as Worthy Park Overproof rum strikes a fine balance between smooth, clean distillation and heavy pot still aromatics.  Like all of Worthy Park’s domestic rum producing competitors, advertising posters featuring the rum and well-endowed ladies are plastered all over Jamaica’s rumshops.  Pictured below is a message I saw in many such joints.

Rum Bar poster, Lover's Bar, Jamaica

Regarding the name; during a visit to the Worthy Park estate and distillery in January 2012, Gordon Clarke told my RumXP gang that one of his colleagues, upon first sampling the new rum formula, pronounced that it tastes “like the real Rum Bar rum” and so it stuck.  Indeed, Rum-Bar may be the most likely of many challengers for a larger share of Jamaica’s local market.  

For an entertaining read about our tour, and more photos of the Worthy Park distillery, see Rum Connection’s article here: » Inside Worthy Park Estate 

Worthy Park’s pot still has been tuned to an enviable state of high efficiency.  It’s output may be the perfect combination of %ABV, aromatics, and flavor.  Rum Bar delivers far more old-world distillery aromas than most overproof white rums, which too often distill out most traces of their sugarcane or molasses base. 

Reviewed:  January 2012, at Worth Park estate while on tour in Jamaica, and again at the Rum Gallery, May 2012.

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