Takamaka Bay Dark Spiced Rum

Takamaka Dark

Product of:  Republic of Seychelles
Aged:  NA
Price: $16/Liter
Alcohol: 43% ABV
Context: Flavored/Spiced Rum
RG Rating:  7.5

Tasting Notes 
Smooth.  A first sniff of this cinnamon-orange colored rum reveals mild aromas both fruity and spicy (vaguely like juicyfruit gum), as well as vegetal scents and bananas.  Next come milder, cinnamon, spice, vanilla, butter-pecan and spearmint.  The initial taste is a refreshing, inviting complexity of cinnamon, caramel, banana and vanilla, balanced atop a medium body.  A semi-sweet finish begins with simple pleasing vanilla, then introduces a candy sense at mid-point, and ends a little warm as you would expect from an unaged rum.

Vanilla Plantation La Digue

Rum enthusiasts in the extreme, Rum Gallery believes in not only purchasing exotic rums in-country, but drinking them in-situ as well, in order to fully appreciate their native contextual motivation.  But the truth is: I didn’t travel all the way to the Seychelles just for the rum. The islands lie east of the African continent in the Indian Ocean, 1,000 miles from land in any direction, and about as far away from my home in California as I can get and still be standing on terra firma.  Instead, my furthest rum hunt was combined with a sailing adventure, piloting a big catamaran around some of the most picturesque islands in the world, and being greeted along the way by the friendliest people. After 30 hours of air travel and a 12 hour time change, I simply needed some rum to adjust to the day-for-night jet lag. Takamaka Bay dark rum was my first encounter – and I quickly understood why it’s the choice of many Seychellois.  Spicy, fruity, fresh and easy drinking, Takamaka Bay rum reflects the essence of relaxed Seychelles living.  Adding natural flavors to Takamaka's white rum base makes their dark spicy rum a winner. 

Takamaka label

Takamaka Bay Dark rum is versatile – well suited to sipping on the rocks, or possibly with lemon and a pinch of sugar (the locals’ way), or in a beachcocktail.  It mixes well in rum punches and tropical elixirs, though I advise avoiding mixing it with cola. 

Reviewed: April 2009 on Mahé, while sailing in the Seychelles Islands, Indian Ocean

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