Tamure Vanille Rhum Ambre

Tamure Ambré Vanille-RG1a

Product of:  Tahiti
Aged:  less than 3 years (est.)
Price: 3800CFP ($38) on Tahiti
 47% ABV 
0-5 g/L (estimate)
 Flavored/Spiced Rum
RG Rating:  7

Tasting Notes
Ahh, a sweet bouquet of caramel and vanilla twins waft from the bottle upon opening.  In the glass, legs are many, long and strong.  In every manner this rhum looks like the beautiful native people of Tahiti.  Aromas of tart candied mango and sweet ginger are masked somewhat by astringent alcohol odors (47% ABV) and lesser notes of coconut and husk, plus maybe a hint of sea salt air.  The initial taste is unexpectedly sour up front – maybe this bean has been in the bottle too long.  Only after your palate adjusts do you detect the more pleasant vanilla spice favor and associated rich oily body.  The rhum finishes dry, the vegetal vanilla flavor lingering just long enough.  

No doubt most of the nice shade of reddish-brown color is contributed by the real Tahitian vanilla bean inside every bottle, and perhaps some color from the relatively little time this rhum spends in a barrel.  Color variations are obvious among the several bottles of this rhum lining a Tahitian market shelf.  The bottles with more dust on them, tucked back to the far reaches of the shelf, contain darker rhum.  I believe that the vanilla bean inside every bottle continues to exude color and flavor (both woody and vanilla) for a very long time, so buy the color that appeals to you.  For my taste, the middle hue (golden-brown)  strikes the best balance between sweet vanilla and the more decomposed vegetal notes.  

Tamure Ambré Vanille Bean-RG1

Tamure Ambré Vanille rhum sips easily, subtly delivering the sweet flavor of Tahitian vanilla beans nicely warmed by a slightly higher alcohol content.  I’ve always believed that the fairest place to evaluate any rum is in it’s own native context.  There is often something in the air that makes the rum’s flavors more appropriate.  What better place to taste a Tahitian Vanilla rhum than in the South Pacific, floating among the islands around Tahiti?

Vanilla 101
Polynesian vanilla (vanilla tahitensis) grows on a vine and must be pollinated by hand, as the bee that normally does this for Mother Nature does not exist in French Polynesia.  Tahitian vanilla beans are powerfully fragrant, floral, oily with a strong sweet flavor, and shiny in appearance.  Tahitian vanilla is noticeably more sweet and aromatic than Madagascar or Caribbean vanilla - its scent is carried over Taha’a, Raiatea and Huahine, the major island producers.  To see more 
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Named after one of Tahiti’s most popular native dances, Tamure plays, um, spiritual homage to the islands’ culture worshipping the freedom and joy of human life and its procreation.  Will Tamure Amber Vanille rhum make you as lean as a vanilla bean, dance as rhythmically as a Tahitian, or enhance your powers of seduction?  Not likely.  But it adds pleasure to your French Polynesian vacation, and that’s invaluable.

Tamure Amber Vanille Rhum insitu-RG1

Taster’s Opinion 
Tamure Amber Vanille rhum does not present an altogether synergistic collection of aromas and flavors, but it is genuine and interesting. Difficult to recommend on flavor alone, but as a tasty souvenir of a trip to Tahiti, I can wholeheartedly say:  Bring some home.  Sipping it at the Rum Gallery, USA sets my imagination back to the beautiful islands, waters, and people of French Polynesia.  What’s that worth?  Far more then the price of this rhum.

Reviewed:  March-May, 2015 while lounging on Raiatea overlooking Motu Ofetaro, and then aboard the Rum Gallery yacht boat for several weeks of sailing around the Society Islands (Tahiti).  

© Dave Russell 2017