Tamure Rhum

Product of:  Tahiti
Aged:  less than 3 years (est.)
Price: $30
Alcohol: 38% ABV
Context: Premium Aged Rum
RG Rating:  7.5

Tasting Notes 
Very Smooth.  A beautiful golden burnt orange color is more likely due to the introduction of vanilla bean in the aging than from long years in a wood barrel.  Subtle enticing aromas include scents of sweet Tahitian vanilla that complements the rhum without overpowering it, then a mild vegetal/alcohol aroma akin to agricole rhums from the French West Indies, and finally a pleasant orange zest and Tiare Tahiti Gardenia. (Wait, is that my welcome Lei I’m smelling?)  Upon first sip, the mild vanilla carries into the tasting, but the floral aromas give way to a mellow rhum flavor that is quite suited to smooth sipping.  A medium body fully consistent with the delicate aromas and flavors, easily carries them to the finish, where warm vanilla presents itself in the final throes before a final dry fade.  Such is as you’d want and expect from one of Tahiti’s finest rhums.

It seems everything in Tahiti is done with a delicate, aromatic touch, and Tamure Rhum is no exception. Smooth, subtly flavored and colored with signature Tahitian vanilla beans, and slightly lower in alcohol, Tamure sips easily and mixes well in Tiki drinks and rhum punches. 

Named after one of Tahiti’s most popular native dances, Tamure plays ahem, spiritual homage to the islands’ culture worshipping the freedom and joy of human life and its procreation.  Will Tamure make you dance like a Tahitian and enhance your powers of seduction?  Not likely.  But it serves as a pleasant reminder of the South Pacific.

Taster’s Opinion 
First sampled at the Hawaiki Nui resort bar on Raiatea before boarding my boat for 10 days of sailing around the Society Islands, then later in the Lagoon surrounding Bora Bora.  I can’t think of a better locally-produced rum to sip in that peaceful paradise.

Sweet tahitian vanilla is lighter and more sweetly aromatic when you get it fresh on the islands, and the difference is night and day - like vanilla ice cream with out the cold or the cream.  Tamure is unlike the common, cheap mass consumption vanilla bomb spiced rums that deserve their fate drowning in a sea of cola.  I recommend sipping this delicate Tahitian beauty on its own or on the rocks where its subtle flavors can dance with your senses.

51.5 Boat- Bora Bora in bkgrnd

Reviewed:  September 2011 while sailing around the islands of Tahiti, and again at the Rum Gallery, USA. 

© Dave Russell 2017