The Lash

The Lash

Product of:  Produced and spiced in The Netherlands,  distilled in Trinidad and Tobago
Aged:  4 years
Price: $30 
Alcohol: 35% ABV
Context: Flavored/Spiced Rum
RG Rating: 9

Tasting Notes
Extremely Smooth.  The Lash shows a dark walnut color from exposure to real spices and aging in oak.  Aromas are complex, with pronounced cinnamon, clove up front, followed by more delicate exotic Bourbon Vanilla and several other fruity spices.  Happily, there are no offensive alcohol odors.  Upon initial tasting, The Lash melts in your mouth like buttercream caramel candy with cinnamon and other well tuned spice fillings to add interest without heat – flavors are  polished smooth and delicate like no other spiced rum.   Deeper tasting shows a rich full body (though not heavy), and again the vanilla, whose essence is extracted using hot water instead of the more common grain alcohol.  The Lash finishes sweet and full, mildly spicy with cinnamon and clove to the end. 

Robert Back, creator of The Lash –
“When you taste The Lash, please remember that I made a Spiced Rum, not a Rum drink.  As for the 10-Fold Bourbon Vanilla Extract, this is the highest quality Vanilla Extract/Bean you can use - limited supply and very expensive. To give you an idea, I can purchase regular Vanilla Extract at around $25 - $35.00/Gallon and the 10-Fold Bourbon Vanilla Extract I use in The Lash costs me around $250.00 - $300.00/Gallon. It is quite good and makes a big difference.  Most spiced rums are heavily based on Vanilla as Vanilla goes well with coke (i.e. Rum & Coke) - I wanted to make a Spiced Rum that although it contained Vanilla, was really loaded with Spices.” 

Dave/Rum Gallery– Contemplating my first sip of the nicely darkened rum, I noticed small particulate matter settling to the bottom of my bottle, causing me to think The Lash is the real deal.  Those aromatic tasty bits are explained by the producer: “Because we use genuine spices to flavor The Lash, you may occasionally see some spices in the bottle.”  Fair enough. 

Packaging is first-rate too. A copper colored cap sits atop synthetic cork, tightly sealing the rum inside a hefty, cannonshell-shaped bottle very similar to those used by a only few premium aged rums. 

The Lash reinvents commercial spiced rum.  It may even be the bridge that introduces the spiced rum-and-coke crowd into a better world of aged sipping rum.  And just in time – somebody has to give those pirate posers a run for the money.  

 The Lash’s marketing message declares in no uncertain terms that their spirit is a sipping rum, offering for your pleasure two drinks: either neat or on the rocks.  Of course, if you must mix, ice cold cola is acceptable.  I like the bravado.  In creating the RnD website, we decided that we would judge any and all rum based on how well it succeeds at what it is trying to be.  As a spiced rum, The Lash perfectly masters its contents.  My hat is off to Robert Back – he has succeeded in creating just the rum he likes and thinks (probably correctly) the intended market wants.

The Lash Spiced Rum isn’t meant to be a simple rum and coke mixer but a rum drink that you enjoy neat or on the rocks. But at 70 proof it’s easy to enjoy anyway you desire. The Lash is one of the top spiced rums I’ve ever enjoyed to date. Go enjoy some.

Reviewed: June, 2010 at the Rum Gallery, USA.

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