Strawberry Créme Brûlée 

by Paul Yellin – THE RHUM CHEF

Strawberry Créme Brulee-RG

1 pint / container or fresh Strawberries
1+ cup Barbados Rum
1 cup milk
Vanilla essence or fresh vanilla pod (better!)
3-4 egg yolks
6-8 tbs powdered sugar (to your taste)
3 tbs corn starch
Lite brown sugar / white will work as well

1. Remove tops of berries and cut bottom so they sit flat.

2. With a mellon baller, scoop out the strawberry centers  as much as you can to make a cavity (but not so deep that you make hole through the bottom).

3. Drizzle or soak with rum, then chill in the fridge for at least 30 minutes … it will hold nicely.

4. Heat milk and vanilla to a boil.

5. Whisk sugar, yolks + cornstarch together and then temper with milk….whisking  to avoid clumps.

6. Return to  low heat in a stainless bowl or clean pan  constantly whisking to keep consistancy and not make scrambled eggs (think crème anglaise).

7. Add a little more rum to give it taste.

8When thickened, place in a freezer or cold fridge until totally cooled down.

8. lowly pipe into berry cavities, sprinkle with sugar and torch with a blowtorch/butane torch.

9. Serve immediately.  This dish can be held in the fridge or a cool room for  a little while, but acids in berries will start to break down the sugar into a runny texture …

Serves 6  (or 1 greedy person).


The Rum Chef - Paul Yellin 

Raised in Barbados, Paul Yellin is a highly acclaimed chef and author of the popular rum cookbook “Infusion - Spirited Cooking” a work sponsored by Mount Gay Rum to celebrate their 300th anniversary.  Published and released in 2003, the book is in its 3rd printing.

Paul Yellin-The Rum Chef-RG

A fixture among Caribbean culinary professionals, He has been busy for the last few years traveling and working in metropolitan areas and hotspots of the world including opening restaurants in Berlin, New York, Barbados & Jamaica, Executive chef at Tikaye Village resort in St. Lucia featured in Bon Appetite Magazine as well as stints in London, Paris and Toronto and now, for the past 3 yrs, high - end catering and consulting in Washington D.C. doing events such as the Barak Obama Inauguration @ Union Station, Barbados Independence Party @ OAS, and 4th Of July @ the Capitol Building, 40th Anniversary Of NASA @ Air and Space Museum. 

Chef Paul has made a name for himself as THE RUM CHEF  - the corporate chef for Mount Gay Rum and has dedicated his skills to the use, experimenting, promotion, and consumption of fine rums from the Caribbean (all in the name of science) -traveling thru the regional Caribbean as well as international cities representing not only the rum brand, but also Caribbean culture and cuisine with a traditional and classic twist - doing cooking demos, cooking classes and rum tastings – his goal is to be the new face of Rum as the spirit returns to favorable popularity. 

His twist on rum inspired food led to his participation in the 1st St Lucia Food and Rum festival and a reoccurring role in the Taste of Barbados food festival where his take on upscale Caribbean cuisine won him much praise from the judges and participants alike.  He launched DC Rum Club this past summer started as an underground connection between Rum lovers, but will launch this into formal tastings and food pairings to educate and amaze  - proudly serving and high-lighting Barbadian rums as the launch theme – since, as it is a historical fact, Barbados has been continuously making rum since the 1600’s and due to its clean, pure water and suberb sugarcane.

History lesson aside, THE RUM CHEF has embarked on a culinary tour to re-introduce “sugar cane spirits” back to high end genre of premium spirits, cocktail legend and the best tasting “secret ingredient “ in your meal. 

© Dave Russell 2017