Mutiny On The Bounty


1 1/2 oz Cruzan Light Rum
1/2 oz Marie Brizzard Orange Curacao
2 oz Bai5 Clementine juice
1 oz Lime juice
1 oz Cinnamon syrup
Float of Cruzan Black Strap Rum

Combine all ingredients and shake with ice. Strain over fresh ice into Highball glass. Float Cruzan Black Strap rum on top to finish.

Adam Kanter: "The Mutiny On The Bounty was an experiment for a cocktail competition I was entering for Beam.  It was a 'mystery bin' event sponsored by Beam (Cruzan Rums) and Bai5, a low-cal juice drink targeting bars for mixology.  This drink was meant to be a base for whatever the mystery ingredients were. I figured they couldn't be too far off.  Boy was I wrong!  Thirty minutes before the event, 20 secret ingredients were unveiled. Items like fish oil, pickled peppers, eggs, mango puree, garlic, figs, and a variety of other Indian-related ingredients were selected from the kitchen of an Indian restaurant.  Needless to say, I couldn't quite do this drink (which used the Mai Tai as inspiration). After coming in 2nd for my Cinnamon-Mango Lassi, I returned to Rum Bar to celebrate my loss. We made the Mutiny On The Bounty (which had no name until then) for all the people who came to cheer me on.  My bartender made over 30 before the night was over.  It had to go on the menu!"

Adam Juicing 4 Small

The Celebrity Bartender
Adam Kanter is the former owner of Rum Bar in Philadelphia.  He has re-invented rum and the rum cocktail in Philly.  Prior to opening Rum Bar, the controlled liquor state of Pennsylvania had a very limited list of rums.  Through consulting with importers, distributors, and the state, Adam has been able to push the number of rums available in Pennsylvania from about 60 to 250; most of which are available at Rum Bar.  Adam hosted the first ever rum festival in Philadelphia is 2010, called Rum On The River.  In addition to running Rum Bar, Adam has also had the privilege of being a founding member of the Rum Expert Panel (RumXP) and been invited to distillery tours all around the Caribbean from Jamaica to Puerto Rico to Barbados.  Recently Adam was a top 10 finalist for Tommy Bahama's search for the first Rumologist, and Rum Bar received the award for Best Cocktail Bar from Nightclub & Bar Magazine.

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