Trois Rivieres Cuvée de L'Ocean

Trois Rivieres Cuvée de L'Océan-RG1-USE

Product of:  Martinique
Aged:  NA
Price: €9.49 on Martinique, approx. €25 in European France
Alcohol: 42% ABV
Sugar: 0 g/L
Context: Rhum Blanc Agricole
RG Rating:  9.5

Tasting Notes
An ethereal earthy sugarcane bouquet fleets from the bottle the instant the cap is loosed.  Be prepared to savor it, as it disappears in one small breath.

Poured, Trois Rivieres Cuvée L’Ocean is  nearly as beautiful as the beloved Caribbean sea to my eyes.  Crystal clear in my tasting glass, presenting a highly polished stainless steel appearance.  Swirling produces an unexpected surprise; a school of mermaid tails (supposedly, they don’t have legs), that dive slowly back to the spirit in the glass.

Sniffing reveals a hint of sea salt air over for gentle aromas of mild coconut, soft sugarcane alcohol, a a mild grass, almost flowery cane and sweet butter, with a slightly waxy texture and a subtle anise spice.

The initial taste is  warm and dry with a little white pepper flavor and somehow, a sense of the stainless steel tanks that AOC rhums blanc agricoles are required to be rested in for 3 months prior to bottling.  As far as I’m concerned, that sensory texture speaks to the excellence of production that Trois Rivieres seems to have put increase focus on recently.  The body is medium weight – yet another pleasant discovery..  Really, there’s much more to this rum in the glass and the mouth than you expect from an unaged agricole blanc.  The rhum’s flavors linger briefly, then sip away as they fade into a very smooth dry finish. 

I vastly prefer to not tout nor reprint the text presented on rhum bottles, but this one captures the essence so succinctly and perfectly, that I need to share:  “Produced from pure juice of the sugarcanes grown near Trabaud beach at the extreme south of the island, Cuvée L’Ocean reveals the rare and subtle iodized notes of the surrounding salt air.”   Touché.  Trois Rivieres Cuvée de l’Ocean is like a breath of fresh Caribbean air.

Trois Rivieres Cuvée de L'Océan Cap-RG2-USE

This package is simple but the bottles gorgois shade of aqua stands out on a shelf.  A white cap is a nice metaphor to the Caribbean sea colored bottle.  

You can take a photo tour of the restored Trois Rivieres windmill, distillery and new visitor center/boutique by clicking here

Of course, Martinique’s rhum producers universally expect their rhums blanc agricole to be consumed in a ‘Ti Punch.  And Trois Rivieres Cuvée L’Ocean is perfectly suited for that simple drink that rewards personalization (chacun prépare sa propre mort), but to my palate this Earth/Ocean nectar is so nuanced and complex of flavor that it needs no support other than a good tasting glass.

Reviewed:  December 2014 at the Trois Rivieres tasting room and August 2015 at The Rum Gallery, USA.

© Dave Russell 2017